30 November 2009

All These Things That I've Done

Another birthday of mine is about to creep up on me fast. This Sunday, I'll turn another year older. I can't even say how old I will be. Click here for what I wrote about last year on my birthday and here are a few of my favorite 2009 moments (click the words below in boldface):

January - Another New Year well spent and I got the news "Congrats, your submission of text and images to Our Portland Story have officially been accepted to be included in the 2008/2009 published book."

February - Another Valentine's day It's been over 2 and half years now with the love munckin.

March -
Cannon Beach and Astoria trip both Steven's parents came for a visit and so did Dom&Dan.

April -
A blast from the past And I do love to watch me some soccer even though the two Nellist boys think otherwise. ;)

May -
My parents visit
The best parents in the universe!

June - Southern Oregon Catching my breath...

July - Smugglers Cove boy, did it sure get hot in July and had an epic fourth of July.

August - Lost Lake trip and my photos appeared in an art gallery, got a 42" HDTV and my passport.

September - Had dinner at Lovely Hula Hands Made one vital mistake this year by helping out a friend at her clothing store. She made me out to be the bad guy and an onslaught of drama was unnecessarily created. This was just a tough month in general. My sanity was put to the test and I'll just leave it with I've got enough patience for us all. My gift and my curse.

October - Another trip down to South souteast, Oregon and won a Powershot G11 at an event where another photo of mine appeared. Found another favorite - Fentiman's Ginger beer.

November - A great day off of mine and saw this utterly wacked out movie you must see called Southland Tales. Oh and check out my facebook page for another Orphan's thanksgiving.

December - tomorrow the month of december is here. What will be in store for me? I'm going to be an aunt. I want adventure and lots of surprises. Steven is planning my birthday this year. How could he top last year when he filled the entire apartment up with balloons!


Anonymous said...

He could fill up the apartment with balloons and have in each one a picture from this past year, a sweet little note, or a hundred dollar bill....

natalie said...

i so would love it if there were hundred dollar bill filled balloons in my apartment. haha!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!