31 May 2009

meet the parents


Anonymous said...

You've got some good looking parents! And food! Hope you guys have a great and relaxing time.

East Freckle

Natty said...

Yep... its wonderful having them here. We are having a blast. They got in late Saturday night --- didn't sleep well because of an all night party that didn't stop till the AM --- had breakfast the next day at Fueller's Coffee Shop (the $4.25 special all around), walked all in the Pearl, bought gobs of bbq stuff at Safeway, passed out on the sofa for a few then off to Marguerite and Chris' house for a vietnamese bbq meal, stopped by this international foods grocery store where we picked up some pasterma and then back to the apartment where we lounged around next to the TV.

Natty said...

Freckled Bang Girl is wishing she didn't have to work while the folks are in town! :( xo

Anonymous said...

I know -- that is always a bummer. When someone came to visit me several years ago, I had the same problem, and I hated it. I hope everyone gets more rest -- no more neighbor parties! Was it someone upstairs or next door? Funny -- that's one thing I never have to deal with. Only barking dogs. And the occasionally truck using its air brakes on a downgrade.

I am sure they are having fun together. Is this their first vacation together as a couple?

SE Freckle

Natty said...

They just ate pasterma and eggs. I will be home in 5 hours. :(

We are grilling out tonight on the balcony.

Can't wait. xo

Freckled Nat and the Crazy Ste touring around the Traveling Couple!