11 September 2018

Yesterday was Sam's first day of Kindergarten!!!

Here is what I took away from his day after getting home from work:
  • He managed to lick his chapped lips silly so it was chap-stick to the rescue.
  • The tiredness is real!  
  • Eating dinner with us was a struggle but we got through it and then it was off to bed.
Highlights from Sam:
  • Someone took my friend away from me but I am going to meet another one tomorrow.
  • There is this castle you can play on.
  • I had pizza for lunch.
The End.

07 September 2018

My first born is now a Kindergartner!

Sam's first day of school was to put in mildly, pretty awesome.  I had my fears but by the end of the day the vibe I got from the teachers and staff made me feel less anxious and full of excitement for Sam!

The first thing Sam noticed were the cracks in the floor and had to investigate a hole in the wall to see where the damage was coming from.   Soon after that, I left with Colette taking one more glance back at him sitting there so peacefully on the classroom floor mat.

When it was time to pick him up I found Sam at one of the tables and asked him what did he like the most and he answered me with "I met a friend."

That evening I sifted through all the paperwork they gave us and noticed a yellow star paper clipped to a sheet of a paper with the cutest poem telling the child to place the star under their pillow to wish the student a good night's sleep before his first Day of school on Monday.

This morning, Sam woke up and had that little yellow star in his hands making me feel certain that it's going to be a really amazing year for all of us!

10 July 2018

Hello there!  In 10 days my little boy will turn 5! F I V E | Y E A R S have passed by already?!!!! 😄 Sam is all limbs and likes to flex his muscles at me to show me how strong he is.  This morning he pleasantly surprised me by not resisting our typical morning routine.  I don't know if it was me saying to him, your birthday is very close and don't we want to be a good boy before you turn 5?  It seems he took heed of this and has been nothing but helpful.  He was being super kind to his sister this morning and so I rewarded him with crackers that he got to eat in the car - ssssshhhh don't tell a soul since my husband would blow fire out of his ears if he knew I let the kids eat CRACKERS in our new electric car.  My little girl is full of conversation these days, some of it makes sense some of it is gibberish but it's progress, I say!  In the car, on my way to drop them off, I'll listen to the two of them talking to one another and Colette listens with such interest and then responds with the perfectly crafted and grammatically correct sentence.  Makes me so proud as I press the pedal hearing really nothing since our engine runs off of electricity.  In the evenings, I let the kids watch a show or two, and then we turn the oh-no you shouldn't be watching TV device off and read or talk or work on an art project.  Our backyard has an inflatable pool to keep them busy and I've found two very cool kid-friendly parks and they are Luuwit View Park and Cully Park.

What these two little ones are into these days:

SAM                                   COLETTE
Building with his Legos        Eating a bread stick from Winco
Picking out his own clothes  Wearing dresses
Using tape                          Pointing her finger
Ice lollies                            Ice lollies
Chicken drumsticks             When the music is on, it's a dance party!
Chaulk drawing                  Request for two ponytails