08 November 2014

Can you feel the calm of Autumn? Say it out loud several times now - can you feel the calm of Autumn. Do you find yourself wanting to sound more French as the word 'autumn' rolls off your tongue.

06 November 2014

Why do I take photos while driving!!!! So dangerous yet something inside me craves to capture the image right at that very moment.  Is it because the sun was out, something us Oregonians don't get enough of? Maybe but truth be told I saw a strange cloud that caught my attention and I wanted so desparately to catch it, to be able to show someone else what it was that made me turn into a daredevil at the wheel.  Of course this photo shows much of nothing but I tell you, the fervor I felt to document that strange colored cloud was off the charts.  With that said, stay tuned for my next random Natalie find!

21 October 2014

I wrote this over a year ago, never posted it until now. We still have yet to mark off #3.

Sometimes I wonder how do we do it?  I get that we are here to handle things as they come, learn and conquer but to me no one can truly say they are 'ready' for motherhood.  Yeah, you know you'll become a Mom but this is something that happens right at that very moment you hear your baby's first cry.  Then everything I never endured before is upon me.  The worries, the struggles, the challenges, the amazing love felt over and over again, the illnesses, the endless laundry piles, more cleaning, vacuuming, planning, where is his burpy blanket, watching him grow oh my!!!!!! it's so much of this and more.  We all go through it but now that I'm doing it, its one helluva a ride.  To all the folks who have supported us this year, I have 20 more days left of maternity leave and at this very moment, I'm thinking:

1). Get more sleep.
2). Snuggle Sam as much as I can
3). Go on a date with Steven before I go back to work
4). Do a few test runs with Sharon who will be taking care of our little boy when Steven and I are at work.
5). Don't worry too much.  Things always work themselves out.
6). And finish watching Season 5 of Fringe.

19 October 2014

Can I have another treat guys?  Come on. -Sam

03 October 2014


Hello from Sam and I.