09 May 2017

A quick note to my children, for when you little rascals are older.

Dear Sam and Colette, you both are amazing to me.  You both have such curious and creative minds and I couldn't be more proud of who you are. Sam, you are witty, fun-loving and know how to put anything together.  Colette, you are my little fireball and that in itself I know you will go far. Sam is into technology while Colette, you hang onto books like glue.  I have already instilled the below advice of course in toddler terms but here is what I will be most vocal about as you grow older:

  1. Trust in yourself first, always go with your gut instincts.  You will make mistakes and with the mistakes made, always feel comfortable to come to me or your Dad for advice.  
  2. Find something you enjoy and learn it well.You never know it might turn into a job and a job that you will love doing!  Never keep doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, learn this early on so you never feel stuck.  Don't settle for mediocre. 
  3. Be Kind. You never know what someone else is going through so if you sense anger or hate simply walk away from it.  Chin up, head high is the only road to take.
  4. Travel. Muy Importante. 
  5. Do not spend more than you make.  Credit cards are to be used wisely and kept to a minimum.  Invest in your future early on.
  6. Expect calls, texts and emails from me on a regular basis, duh!
I love you both dearly,


27 April 2017

My mother in law wrote an article and mentioned my sweet daughter in it.  You can read it here.

14 April 2017

Let strength guide us all into this Easter weekend!  If you see the Easter bunny make sure to give him a high Five too.


06 April 2017

4 days pre

There is a lot of love in the world.  A lot.  There is also hate which is inescapable and comes in so many forms, faces, fronts.  There is an abundance of voices and views hitting the air where some are heard, seen and some just never make it to the ground.  My heart weighs heavy these days wondering how do we all learn to see eye to eye better.  To embrace our differences in these times we live in and not let hate hinder us from being kind to one another.

My cry out would be to the people that are closes to me.  The ones that are blood or ones that I've known for a while and let this busy life of mine not make time for them.

I would like to think that we all can listen, speak and share our thoughts and that they are respected, cherished and if there is a disagreement, we simply work through them.  

Communication is key.  With-out it we are lost.

I remain hopeful to this future we all share together!