01 December 2017

I declared at the beginning of this year it was the Year of the Nap.  How super wrong was I?  Day one of December is here and 2017 has been nothing far from a nap. 

What will the next year hold for us? 

24 August 2017

Quick recap - expand later

Summertime on Lake Cowan
We spent the last two weeks of July in Rockford, Michigan.  Our vacation was chock full of:
Lakeside sand castle building and jumping off the dock, repeatedly
"Sipping "on Winking Owl wine
Taking in 12 Michigan sunsets, all aw-inspiring and of various colors, no sunset was alike
Colette bouncing on a zebra toy
Getting use to the mucky lake water
That slide, pink in color, was a huge summer hit!

It felt like we were at a resort with a pontoon boat, kayaks, paddle boat and canoe all on hand
Finding the beauty in lily pads and Colette wearing one as a hat
Morning breakfasts with the kids – there were always blueberries on the menu
Swinging on the back porch was so calming and relaxing
The cousins meet up and never left one another’s side until it was time to say goodbye

That photo of all four cousins and their water guns!  Strike a pose!
Watching the kids wear their life jackets while swimming and seeing their confidence build!
Picking berries was like being on safari
Burying the kids in the sand
Going for walks with toys that were difficult to maneuver
Donuts from The Donut Conspiracy 

Floating foam noodles to the rescue!
A new picnic table and lake floor mat were enjoyed
Mid-week a toy alligator and shark joined us
Everyone finally went for a swim – took us a while but we did it

Sam turned 4!  And to all of our surprise as soon as we finished singing happy birthday to my sweet boy he immediately dug his hand into the cake!  Epic moment!

Got an adult’s night in to include a few games of ladder ball!
Visited Pickerel Lake Park, the city of Saugatuck, an amazing dinner outing at the Bostwick Lake Inn and had the best corn beef hash at a cafĂ© located in the back of a gas station, Grist Mill - where their slogan is Everything But the Kitchen Sink.

02 August 2017

We were on vacay for a fortnight and have just returned to the real world!  
Post more soon...

27 June 2017

I haven't posted anything substantial lately so let me tell you a little about what we've been up to over the last few months.

My kids are now almost 4 and nearly 2!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mr. Time, have we not had this discussion before, please slow down!

First and foremost a never-ending thank you to Carrie, who takes care of our children during the week - you are the best, we couldn't do this without you and we absolutely are blessed to have you in our lives!!  All of the artwork that you've had our children create hangs on our walls.

Colette carries a conversation with such toddler conviction, of course we do not understand one word that comes out of her mouth but it's so much fun to watch her take off and deliver a speech hands raised in the air and babble on and on!  She can say Dada, Mama, avocado, bye, I wuv you and ball.   Every time I ask Sam about his day when I'm at work he replies with "I can't tell you Mom, it's a secret!"  

Sam and I had the following cute conversation:

ME:  Why do you not want to fly through space, like an astronaut does?
SAM: Because I don't have any money to do that with Mom!

Ha!  I took this opportunity to tell him nothing is impossible and to dream big!

We've been barbecuing most weekend nights and we just recently discovered how much Sam loves French toast.  It is now his breakfast food go to!  Sam is constantly helping us in the kitchen or folding towels - a true helper and Mommy appreciates his enthusiasm.  The kids have enjoyed swimming in the pool that we set up in the backyard and they run around this cute sprinkler that has colorful worms wearing cowboy hats on it.  Sam is super into playdoh and Legos and both kids are coloring their hearts out! Something to point out after reading the book the The Gruffalo's child, must have been our fiftieth time reading it, that we noticed the Stickman was in the child's hand all this time.  When it dawned on us as Sam points to it with his little finger, we just simply smiled at one another - it was such a sweet exchange.  My favorite book to read to the kids right now is Mr. Fine, Porcupine - watch out for his quills!

We've watched the movies, Trolls, Moana and the Secret Life of Pets repeatedly. If I told you how many times I would definitely not win the Mommy of the Year award.  We traveled 5 and a half hours pushing tired to another level for a quick weekend trip to the westernmost point in Oregon and 48 states and boy - did we have a blast hanging out in a rustic cabin at Blanco State Park and exploring the beach, lighthouse and Port Oxford.  In Port Oxford, make sure you stop by Griffs on the Docks for fresh fish and chips.

We found a cool park - Eagle Fern Park, I took photos of some beautiful roses that looked just like the ones I used in my wedding and googled them to find out what they are called, Eden roses.  We made caprese stuffed garlic butter mushrooms, Steven and I are on a serious health kick reaching our step goals daily, went to the North Clackamas Aquatic Park for some wave pool action, visiting Dairy Queen way too many times. growing sunflowers from the seeds, I bought my very first pair of salt water sandals, bought fresh everything from the Original Gresham Farmers' Market and Colette's hair is now down to her shoulders!!!

And just last weekend we went to a birthday party where there was a giant bouncy castle and all the backyard birthday fixings on a 100-degree day!  Random thing happened as I was looking through the birthday girl's library of books, I pulled out the one book, the Owl and the Wave, to find out the author was her Mom! 

On one of my PDX urban walks I came across this friendly art drawing of an aardvark in the pavement and it made me happy to see him there!

09 May 2017

A quick note to my children, for when you little rascals are older.

Dear Sam and Colette, you both are amazing to me.  You both have such curious and creative minds and I couldn't be more proud of who you are. Sam, you are witty, fun-loving and know how to put anything together.  Colette, you are my little fireball and that in itself I know you will go far. Sam is into technology while Colette, you hang onto books like glue.  I have already instilled the below advice of course in toddler terms but here is what I will be most vocal about as you grow older:

  1. Trust in yourself first, always go with your gut instincts.  You will make mistakes and with the mistakes made, always feel comfortable to come to me or your Dad for advice.  
  2. Find something you enjoy and learn it well.You never know it might turn into a job and a job that you will love doing!  Never keep doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, learn this early on so you never feel stuck.  Don't settle for mediocre. 
  3. Be Kind. You never know what someone else is going through so if you sense anger or hate simply walk away from it.  Chin up, head high is the only road to take.
  4. Travel. Muy Importante. 
  5. Do not spend more than you make.  Credit cards are to be used wisely and kept to a minimum.  Invest in your future early on.
  6. Expect calls, texts and emails from me on a regular basis, duh!
I love you both dearly,