10 July 2018

Hello there!  In 10 days my little boy will turn 5! F I V E | Y E A R S have passed by already?!!!! 😄 Sam is all limbs and likes to flex his muscles at me to show me how strong he is.  This morning he pleasantly surprised me by not resisting our typical morning routine.  I don't know if it was me saying to him, your birthday is very close and don't we want to be a good boy before you turn 5?  It seems he took heed of this and has been nothing but helpful.  He was being super kind to his sister this morning and so I rewarded him with crackers that he got to eat in the car - ssssshhhh don't tell a soul since my husband would blow fire out of his ears if he knew I let the kids eat CRACKERS in our new electric car.  My little girl is full of conversation these days, some of it makes sense some of it is gibberish but it's progress, I say!  In the car, on my way to drop them off, I'll listen to the two of them talking to one another and Colette listens with such interest and then responds with the perfectly crafted and grammatically correct sentence.  Makes me so proud as I press the pedal hearing really nothing since our engine runs off of electricity.  In the evenings, I let the kids watch a show or two, and then we turn the oh-no you shouldn't be watching TV device off and read or talk or work on an art project.  Our backyard has an inflatable pool to keep them busy and I've found two very cool kid-friendly parks and they are Luuwit View Park and Cully Park.

What these two little ones are into these days:

SAM                                   COLETTE
Building with his Legos        Eating a bread stick from Winco
Picking out his own clothes  Wearing dresses
Using tape                          Pointing her finger
Ice lollies                            Ice lollies
Chicken drumsticks             When the music is on, it's a dance party!
Chaulk drawing                  Request for two ponytails

01 May 2018

In twenty-three days we are packing the Jeep up and heading to Boise, Idaho for a long weekend gone-exploring-kind-of getaway.  I'm not sure who is more excited, me, my husband or Sam who knows that we will be pulling him and his little sister around in a bike trailer on one of the days.  He meticulously will tell me how our day will unfold, Mom, so we get up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, then get dressed, then put our stuff in the Jeep and ride, it will be a long drive Mom, but we'll get to Boise and then go to our hotel.  And with each checklist item, I tell him yes, that is correct.  That has been something I've always said, yes, that is correct, but my husband will always mock me by saying it back in a more studious, dorky fashion.  My little girl is currently in potty training mode right now so by the time we head to Boise, NO more potty training for us - fingers crossed.

23 April 2018

The | lows & highs | of weekends that go by way too fast

I got hit - we're talking direct hit - on the nose by the force of a 2 year old’s head |more painful than labor pains I must say|, there were a few moments strung throughout my weekend where I thought I couldn’t keep my eyes open since I am currently perpetually exhausted, cleaning out a dishwasher over and over seems like a cruel joke, my oldest decided to pull his sister on a toy cart where she ended up face first in a puddle of mud, going to the grocery store with two young children after 5pm is a bad idea to yeah, yeah, yeah let's look on the bright side I love to spend every moment I can with my husband and two kiddos.  When she hugs me without force, I feel like a winner, when my boy comes up to me and says Mom, followed by a question, I feel like a winner.  To plant marigolds in our garden and discuss where to place future tomato plants, I feel like a winner again. 

Never did I think the thrust of a toddler's head could land with so much force... knowing this now, winning.