About Me

~I started this blog back in November, 2005 as a way for my mom to know what I was 
up to having moved so far, far away.   I booked a one way ticket to Portland, Oregon leaving Atlanta, Georgia and everything behind, a broken heart (to include me abandoning a vehicle on the side of the road, hey, it wasn't mine, to saying good bye to a funny dud of a landlord who took me out for what felt like my last drink in Atlanta), my family (they must have been thinking, our daughter has finally lost it, he he) and all my belongings (well, everything except what I was able to pack into one luggage bag).  I woke up in a hotel room and that was that.  I figured why not just start documenting it all. So here I am and still going strong. 
~Blogging has given me the opportunity to be creative, be recognized and see/do/
learn/ so much over the years that I'm hoping to always find interesting stuff to write about here at Freckled. Girl. Talk.
~Part dutch/part Egyptian, made in Amsterdam, born in Canada, grew up near the ATL, now living in beautiful Oregon. I live to travel. Where to next?
~ONLY WANT:  got it! my Canon in 2011.
~Lives approximately 2,235 miles away from her parents.  Despite my crazy shenanigans as child/teenager and yes as an adult, I love them dearly.  They are amazing parents!
~I have two sisters and one brother... and turned into an aunt four times now!
~Coffee table book I'm a part is out!  You can find me on Page 1.
~Loves surprises though they are hard to come by.
~I want to remain sexy like Kimbra, Milla Jovovich and Michelle Williams put together.
~Has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.
~Secretly wishes to be Pippi Longstocking.
~Loves taking photos with fancy schmancy cameras.
~Young at heart.

~I don't do well when I feel like I'm forced to hang out...
~Any trouble (people, situations, etc.) - please keep your distance.  I have had my fair share in the past so no thank you.
~If not working for the hotel planning events, wishes to be a professional blogger and/or photographer.
~Likes to shred the mountain up on her snowboard.
~Has come a long way to find happiness in her life. To be comfortable in your own skin
is a beautiful thing.
~Lives closer to Mt. Hood now and before that a horrible underground flat in the West Slopes, a swanky one bedroom on the Southwest waterfront, in Oldtown China town and prior to that lived on NW 20th and Overton.
~Fact:  hasn't bought a car since my move in November, 2005.  Just became a Zipcar member end of 2010.  We own in the last 3 years a Jeep Liberty and Nissan Sentra. 
~And I found love here in Portland, Oregon.
Steven - originally from Wigan, England, moved to the states over ten years ago now.
He is an amazing artist and entrepreneur. I'm amazed at how good we are for one another. 
He gets that I may think to much, act like a brat on occasion and want to do a million
things all at once when we really could be just relaxing and taking it easy.  Then again,
I tolerate his random twanging ♪♫♪ and need to tummy torture me all the time... ♪♫♪
we ride...we dip and we roll and we slide...Oh yeah and he's brilliant too. I can't wait
to see what our future holds, marriage (one day), increasing our cash flow, babies,
adventures, my life is certainly not dull to say the least.  I wrote a little something about us. You can find it here.
Update as of 02/10/2017 We got married in June, 2014 and have two beautiful children.  A girl, her name is Colette and a boy, his name is Sam.  We bought our very first home in January, 2016.  I am blessed to have a good job and a good life.