20 May 2011

This was US on the second day of our 4 year journey together so far...

I look forward to spending everyday with you. We are pretty lucky, you know. xo

Names: Natalie & Steven

Occupations: I put together programs/events at the hotel that I work for in downtown Portland and Steven is finishing up his degree while working as a freelancer. He hopes to land himself a job with an investment company here soon.

I'd describe us as: Two beautiful souls just trying to live the good life.

How we met: A visit to Portland – Steven and I noticed one another from my balcony. I looked over and there he was. He left the very next day after a 2 week vacation from Michigan and 'that there begun' our 6-month long distance relationship. In those 6 months we learned so much about each other talking endlessly for hours and hours on the phone, sometimes even falling asleep right there on the phone.

A day I’ll always remember: Steven came to visit me, he would normally stay for a month at a time, and when he arrived in town we had every intention of making it to the waterfront. We finally did but that was many, many hours later. Another one was a trip to Seattle for my last birthday. On the train ride up, he had three boxes to give to me. I love knee high socks so after box two I was thinking, no more socks, right? The third box ended up being a beautiful diamond vintage necklace.

When did I know I was in love: The very second I met him, well most likely the very next day because we texted non-stop and this lasted for quite sometime.

When were things made official: Steven was visiting me in December, 2007 and by the end of his stay right before he was about to leave to go back to Michigan, we both decided that he should stay. We just couldn't be apart any longer. And that was almost four years ago now.

What’s the best part of it all: That we are truly in love with one another. We communicate with one another very well and tell each other everything, the good and the bad. We both are very caring and generous people. Steven is always surprising me with things for example he hides things in my purse so when I get to work I'm always surprised by it. And we still write love notes to one another.

What he would say about me: Doesn't get my fascination for horror films and is always telling me to relax.

The thing we would have done differently: Trusting certain people with our well-being resulting in being blindsighted by insults has somewhat set us back by about a year. The good news is that we are on track to becoming part of that 1%, right babe.

Our favorite restaurants: #1 is Pine State Biscuits, Ping and Gilt Club.

To finish the moment, to find the journey's end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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