04 October 2009

snow south southeast. it happened, yes it did.


Anonymous said...

Where are you? Brr . . . looks chilly. Remember when the storm came up on Crater Lake? It was drizzly all last night and this morning, but I think it is going to clear up for tomorrow. Good thing too since we are getting our roof redone.


Natty said...

Yes, I do remember. I was wearing T's munckin moon hat and munching on a delicious picnic lunch. I was south of Bend at Sunriver in the woods. I love being out in the coldy wintery snow. Good luck with the new roof. Sounds shingley!

I noticed how dark it was outside when getting up for work this morning. Makes me want to turn into a bear! hehe

Anonymous said...

That's a long way from home. Did you take a long weekend? The snow is fun, but I like the sunshine too. We had band practice last night -- we had more musicians than ever before show up: four flutes, three clarinets, one alto saxophone, four trombones, one baritone, one tuba, three horns, four trumpets and four percussion. Pretty amazing. The concert is December 4 and called "A Children's Christmas."

Freckle Maestro

Natty said...

Just the weekend. You've got yourself a piped piper (sp?) show there. hehe! Take it easy and make sure to eat your greens. hehe! xo

Greggor said...

Your photography is beautiful! I track mentions about of Botanically Brewed Fentimans sodas, so perhaps we could exchange sodas for a couple interesting photos of our sodas? Of course, I'd have to send you some free samples to make this work!
Cheers, Greg