07 July 2009

Where has Natalie been? Out fishing. Muahahahahaha! No seriously, I’ve been really enjoying myself these days. I wish my mom and papa and other family members and friends were here with us but for the time being… I’ll be fine. I watched the best EVER 4th of July fireworks from the twelfth floor balcony of our friends’ Alex&Lind’s apartment. Just imagine, me, Steven and our good friends Alex&Linds with front row seats to the downtown Portland fireworks show on the Willamette River. I was in shock when after 8 we saw the barge that contained all the fireworks on it stopping to position itself right in front of us. After a night of carousing and watching every fireworks show in the horizon, the fireworks from the barge began to set off and there are really no words for it but epic! Alex played the song towards the end “I’m proud to be an American,” on the loudest setting possible for the whole city to hear. And when the show was over he played that infamous excerpt out of the movie “Independence Day,” again, as loud as the speakers could go and again, I think the whole city heard it. It was a perfect night to spend on the 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time. We watched some pretty good fireworks from Jansen Island on the Columbia River once, but I don't think I ever saw any on the Willamette. Pretty neat that you didn't have to go "out" to see them.

Catch any fish?


Natty said...

I had a blast! I know... its called pimp livin' hehe. JK. Anyhooo... the fishing been a little slow. Almost caught me a big old billy chinook but they're pretty smart!

How's it going being back and all?