08 July 2009

Thoughts of mine

My prickly menace, aka my recent heat rash, is almost gone (thank God and a frozen bag of pita bread), Steven and I went out last night for dinner to Saucebox (used our 2 for 1 coupon, the roasted duck is to die for) and I'm thinking of flying out to Michigan and then roadtripping it back with Dom&Dan (their big move) - its TOTALLY just an idea right now. I need to decide on a trip to the ATL as well. Or Mom, maybe we should all meet up halfway somewhere. Somewhere nice and cool. I can't DO heat. xo xo. I also need a little kick in the bum. I'm getting really bad about getting up in the mornings. I'm barely hanging in there with the 8 to 5 schedule. My advise is to take your breaks when you can (walk around and get some circulation in them legs), take a full hour lunch break and then don't come in any earlier or leave later than you have too. Disclaimer to this: only if you work the rest of those hours inbetween 8 and 5 straight through like I do. tehe.

Totally mindless rant here coming to you from the FreckledGirl.


Carla said...

I am wondering when are you leaving some of your money in the bank for a change instead of spending it as soon as possible.
You need to do some savings {for a house for example], if you don't start now you never will.
And I thought you just went to Michigan,you don't make sense.

Natty said...

I shall save it. I will! xoxoxo

Natty said...

i think i over assumed. dom&dan are just going to fly out here like i did and like steven did. Meow. Love you Mom! xoxoxoxo

see you soon!

jp said...

I see some bobber fishing & camping in your future. Nothing better than fresh summer steelhead :) Hook em and cook em. Delish!