31 July 2009

So how I am handling the bloody record breaking heat! Three words. Hanging in there. How I've handled this insane heat is a). we've ghettofied our bedroom AC window unit, b). threw a lot of icy cold water at each other and c). tested our insanity at times. haha! Because of the heat and it getting to our heads, we impulsively bought a Rockband kit. Other than that, I got away with a few dress code rules (without pantyhose), kept my integrity intact and feel like I am one step closer to owning a new SLR camera (thank you MOM and PAPA for giving me a call today). But what I do know is we landed ourselves a stellar deal through our friend Alex a deal on a 40" HD flat panel TV. I can't wait to hang it up in our living room. Start your engines its time for an update in our living room decor. We're heading over to Alex&Linds' place tonight for a night full of entertainment and central AC!!!!! and then tomorrow, I hope to find some cool lightware (lampware) to cozify our apartment and if Steven has to work, I'll spend some time at our office picnic over at Oak's Park. I'll take the bike over there, fo sho, but first over to Julia's place to peruse through her yard sale in the southeast area and then we'll all bike over to the company picnic.

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