18 July 2009

Today at Smugglers Cove

For once in my life I didn't set the alarm and as it would happen to me I woke up to the text message 'we'll be there in 10 minutes.' I jumped out of bed, scurried around furiously to get dressed and ready and managed to get enough kisses out of Steven before running out the door and into Chris&Marguerite's car. OFF WE GO to the great roughed BLUE!~ Chris wanted to stop first at Camp 18 for a hearty breakfast located in Elise, Oregon. Sitting at the Burl table, I felt like a midgit. Click here for a photo of my breakfast. We took off once our bellies were full for the coast. Somewhere a little South of Cannon Beach right as you enter Oswald state park through the first tunnel and to the right is where we parked the car and walked about half a mile through the forest which opened up to a secret hideaway: Short Sand Beach at Smugglers Cove. The water was freezing cold. Good thing I snowboard and not surf. Even with a wetsuit on, it must be chilly on the bones! Below are photos taken after spending a perfect day on the sand...

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