14 July 2009

What’s New! Quoi de neuf? The answer is here if only I had read the instructions better...

(I found the post regarding my last passport photo experience. Click here to read about it).

Below is the answer to what has been ailing me for the last day. hehe!


If you do not know a Canadian citizen with a current passport in your area, you may wish to use the previous guarantor policy, which allows for a Canadian or American citizen from a list of specified professions, who you have known for 2 years or longer. In this case, you should use form PPTC 140.

The most frequent reason for delay in processing is the photos being rejected. Be sure that there are no shadows behind your ears or neck, no glare on glasses, and that you have a closed-mouth, neutral expression. It is recommended that you take the photo specifications with you to the photographer.

Consular Program Assistant/Adjointe des services consulaires



mm said...

Why does everything have to be a painfully abstract process! Good thing your photo looks great :)

Natty said...

The worse part is that neutral expression! I look like I just got my mugshot taken!