13 July 2009

The waiting game

SO! ...who of you thought I could just up and leave and not post for a while or at least until MyPassport papers were in the mail. Well if you thought I'd wait for that to happen you got another thing coming! I have a big BUT to talk about with you regarding this application process to renew a Canadian passport. The BUT is...I let my passport expire, 3 years now, and if I had been smart and 'with it' I would have filled out the simple form BUT I can't do that now because you can only fill that form out if your passport was issued after August, 2003; mine, was issued out February 2000. Then, because I am one lazy bird about turning my sh&t in on time or in a timely fashion, the new rule is I can't get back into the continental U.S of A. without a valid/current passport. So, now more than ever, it’s imperative that I get this passport business straightened out. One would think...right? As I've done in the past ----and let me just tell you I've turned my paperwork in before but it was returned because the photo shots were not acceptable --- My suspicions were right when I experienced having my passport photos taken by a drunk guy at Kinko's. I knew it! The guy was clueless when I thought otherwise. Ugh! Anyways, I submitted the paperwork on 06.13.2007 and then I question where did the last 2 years go? ---- I print out the form; I have everything I need except I don't have a guarantor that fits the bloody requirements which mind you changed since June, 2007. NOW, your guarantor can't be a citizen of Canada or the USA but only can be someone you know who has a Canadian citizenship and current passport! I'm over this. I left Canada when I was 8 years old. Who do I know in Canada? I've kept my Canadian citizenship because I thought it was cool and where I was born. Any woo, why they make it so hard for someone besides being a little lazy and not having $100 bucks ready to renew her stuff! It makes me chuckle. Well... I've reached out now to the Canadian Consulate in Seattle and received today an email from the Honorary Consul for Canada here in Oregon. He writes "the program presented by CASO on passport issues included presentations by consular officers in the Canadian Consulate in Seattle. I have forwarded your questions to Ms RG, who handles most passport questions from Canadian Citizens. Ms RG is on vacation this week, but hopefully someone on her staff will be reviewing her emails and can get back to you. Please let me know if you have other questions." And I wait with money in hand wondering when I travel to complete in person (no longer a form you can fill online) form PPTC 132 a "Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor." xo xo The below photo was taken this Saturday as I was waiting for my lunch at the Laughing Planet. It reminds me of how slow things go (played by the toy dinosaur) and how desperately he wants to drink my diet real cola but never gets a sip of it... hehe!

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