16 July 2009

Let's Talk Trash?

What a borinnnnnnnnnnnnnng post I just wrote about on here. I had to delete it. If you are just visiting for the first time, it was so dry that I thought about it all day long wanting it desperately to disappear. Sooooo the more exciting and hip version of what I was trying to say is Jen and I were waiting for the streetcar to arrive because the both of us had heels on and refused to make the 10 block trek over to the Ecotrust rooftop. I saw one of my colleagues in his car at the stop we were waiting at and after throwing myself practically on top of his car, we got a ride. Once there, nothing was ready. Apparently, this building of all things green won't let anyone set up for an event until after business hours. That means, after 5, an event crew has practically half an hour to get ready: that includes the food, wine and beer stations, vendor stations, etc. Being on the rooftop like that made me sweat. The weather was sweltering hot that evening and I wanted out. BUT I couldn't just bail now could I? I finally saw someone with a beer in their hand and made a beeline for it! Awww, a nice cold one always hits the spot. I thought I'd stick to the usual, an IPA, but the HOP lady (hehe) persuaded me to have a sip of their lager. I was hooked! There were quite a few foods floating around but I again stuck to just one think like my beer, the beef pieces marinated with lemongrass. Oh yum YUM was it! As I chatted amongst the hotel community and the folks who brought us out there, GMIC, I was cursing under my breath, gosh, I hope my heat rash doesn't return! If you want to know more about Green Meeting Industry Council's newly formed Oregon initiatives please visit them at GMIC and find out how your organization can participate in the Million Tons of Trash Challenge.

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