23 April 2018

The | lows & highs | of weekends that go by way too fast

I got hit - we're talking direct hit - on the nose by the force of a 2 year old’s head |more painful than labor pains I must say|, there were a few moments strung throughout my weekend where I thought I couldn’t keep my eyes open since I am currently perpetually exhausted, cleaning out a dishwasher over and over seems like a cruel joke, my oldest decided to pull his sister on a toy cart where she ended up face first in a puddle of mud, going to the grocery store with two young children after 5pm is a bad idea to yeah, yeah, yeah let's look on the bright side I love to spend every moment I can with my husband and two kiddos.  When she hugs me without force, I feel like a winner, when my boy comes up to me and says Mom, followed by a question, I feel like a winner.  To plant marigolds in our garden and discuss where to place future tomato plants, I feel like a winner again. 

Never did I think the thrust of a toddler's head could land with so much force... knowing this now, winning.

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