19 April 2018

No more thinking I need to nap.  This year of the Nap idea of mine is being tossed to the curb and I am going to move forward and shake things up a bit.

Things on my mind these days are creating an email address for both of my children.  I'm thinking of emailing them a few times in the year and then once they are of age to have email, they can read all of my messages throughout the years.

My husband and I have been eating more vegetarian meals and it's crazy to think how meat heavy our dishes have been.

We finally have a garden and will be working in it this weekend.  Current dilemma is keeping whatever is eating at our strawberry leaves OUT!

I am also determined to get my photos out there - create a site so they are for sale or just have a following, for starters.

And at the end of May we are headed to Boise, Idaho!  Road trip for us four Nellists!  I can't wait to check out Hell's Canyon National Recreational Area and bike through the city of Boise.

BLOG MORE, worry less.

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