01 May 2018

In twenty-three days we are packing the Jeep up and heading to Boise, Idaho for a long weekend gone-exploring-kind-of getaway.  I'm not sure who is more excited, me, my husband or Sam who knows that we will be pulling him and his little sister around in a bike trailer on one of the days.  He meticulously will tell me how our day will unfold, Mom, so we get up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, then get dressed, then put our stuff in the Jeep and ride, it will be a long drive Mom, but we'll get to Boise and then go to our hotel.  And with each checklist item, I tell him yes, that is correct.  That has been something I've always said, yes, that is correct, but my husband will always mock me by saying it back in a more studious, dorky fashion.  My little girl is currently in potty training mode right now so by the time we head to Boise, NO more potty training for us - fingers crossed.

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