27 August 2011

Me and my mom. The most beautiful, amazing woman I know. xoxo

I was going through the photo dvd you sent to me over a year ago and all I can say is how much I love you Mom and Papa. See you in November! xoxo


Glenys said...

What a sweet picture of you & your mum....you look like her

Anonymous said...

She certainly does have a nice profile. Did this picture give you the inspiration to cut your bangs again?

We looking forward to seeing you in November and are glad you'll be around for several days.


natalie said...

Well I cut them before checking them out the other day but maybe. :)

Yeah, a whole 7 days baby! You might get very sick of me on the fourth day. hehe.

Ya must be abouts to pop! xoxoxoxox

Good luck with everything!