29 August 2011

Over, no I think the better word to use here is Hate it!

I hate people who keep me up at night, I hate it when I am hot and bothered by the weather and I simply hate not getting the right amount of uninterrupted sleep. In the last two weeks, the following madness has occurred:

Heard a guy died on the floor above and was up there for over 2 weeks before being found.

A woman yelling Help me, help me in the middle of the night.

Took the dog out for a poop and walked past a family who's window just got smashed.

Witnessed some nutjob walking frantically towards a woman bicyclist and spat on her.

The smell of piss runs rampant through these parts

Two people passed out in my hallway smelling of booze and completely out of it. I don't think they live here either.

Angry guy hopped on the elevator so I decided to wait for the next one.

Some guy at 5 AM today yelling profusely about his hatred of Portland for over twenty minutes.

The window at a nearby restaurant, Davis Street Bar, was all bashed in and boarded up.

The F word heard pretty much every half an hour. It's like clock work around here.

The two main doors into the apartment building were left propped open. BAD idea!

The parking decks are now being monitered by security guys on bikes.

Yes, I know, I know, these days are numbered but STILL I mention it because this Friday my appreciation and gratitude will be full throttle. I'm moving to a better part of town this week blogoshere! Yes, I know, I know some of you know that already but it's all I can think about these days! I might just turn back into my normal freckled self and stop writing about how much I hate living in Old town Chinatown. Yes, I am looking forward to that day too!

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