25 August 2011

One more weekend at NW Fifth Avenue, can I make it?

Moved back in 2005 from here and here, in 2007 to here and now....

The below all happened last night. I kid you not. ;)

Packing in eighty degree weather - no fun.

Drinking margaritas while packing - kills the pain.

Watching Man's Best Friend then some of Short Circuit and ding, ding, ding, it hits me "it's the same girl from the movie we just watched." - weird.

Looking at empty walls, boxes everywhere - makes me all emotional.

Wondering if the dog needs to poop or not in eighty degree weather - blows.

Running cold water on the back of my neck to keep cool - makes everything else wet.

I'm turning into a cranky youknowwhat!

AC, washer/dryer in unit, no bum activity outside at NEW place - keeps me sane.

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