22 June 2011

twenty three thousand nine hundred sixty one and...

Last year on this day I wrote about hitting 10,000 views on my blog. Click here for story. Today, I'm at 23,961 which could mean if you divide that number into 365 days I'm receiving approximately 65 hits a day. Wahoo! Thanks to all for taking the time to see what I've been up too! xo xo

What I love about summer is all that light outside after 5 o clock, the constant grilling, sipping on wine and watching the day sky turn into a very royal blue night sky. Wow... now that is some beauty. My outlook for this summer: carefree (finally) and we're gonna get some good traveling in for once (compared to last year).

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Anonymous said...

We just got back from a week in A-town (my old stomping grounds, not yours). We stayed with friends, went to swim classes, yoga classes, and ate a bunch of GOOD food. Good thing we don't live there, or we'd be broke!

Glad you are getting so many page views. Enjoy the 4th. We're having another concert.