10 May 2011

Makin' it right in Seattle

Not this weekend but the next - that building in the shape of a flying saucer is where we're heading! This video of it is super TIGHT! Today was chock full of surprises! I attended a Travel Portland breakfast function at the Oregon Convention Center at the crack of dawn, nobody should have to get up that early, it's just stupid, and recognized someone in the crowd - Carrie from the tv series Portlandia. Upon seeing her my mood changed instantly from loathing morning people to this is pretty cool that I'm in the same room as her. And no, there wasn't a bird on it (her). I noticed that a new cafe opened up called Cafe Yumm. I'm told that the people at the food stand The Whole Bowl stole their food concept and all I can say about that is I'm hoping Cafe Yumm is just as successful. It turns out that I make for a really great personal travel agent. I scored us a nights' stay at the Paramount Hotel in Seattle, Rami a hotel in Savannah and might have something for Sunriver resort all the way in Bend for the end of May. I do love having connections in the industry that I work for. Thank you my friends, you guys rock!

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