11 May 2011

No visit to Portland would be complete without taking the bikes out. So Steven took his brother out to explore the waterfront and brought me back a bag of popcorn. I napped and when they returned we charmed Gareth with breathtaking views of the city at the Portland City Grill. Below are some snapshots we took and the last one is super cool because it somehow captures the city of Portland to me. The running joke now is that I hope Gareth doesn't take back with him Steven's bizzare hamster shake.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, lady. I don't think I've ever been to that restaurant. Where is it? On the west side of the river, I guess? We always liked going up to Rocky Butte -- or whatever the name of that point it that overlooks Portland, the airport, etc.

I'm going on a field trip this Saturday with 35 kids . . . wish me luck!


Glenys said...

What in the world is a hamster shake??? And I do not believe that you got Gareth on a bike!!!