13 May 2011

Less orange would be nice.

I find it super hard to take night scenes! Anyways, I thought to post this photo up since it has a lot to say. In this photo, I think of the next round of awesome lilies that will most likely bloom in July, not sure why I never hung up any patio lights up until now and I blurred out the sides because the people standing around are acting all shady. That's one strike against living in Old Town Chinatown. Oh and I like the car shadow too: it almost looks like a giant purse or a monster with one eye. Tomorrow night we are taking off for Mt. Hood. An entire weekend with no internet access and no city noise. Cabin life is truly an escape from the real world. AND I'm hoping I get to sleep in both mornings but the thing is Steven has got this silly notion in his head to get up at 6 AM to go fishing. Does he not know that I hate getting up that early? Hmmmmmmmm... that fishing part sounds like a lot of fun though. Who needs sleep anyways, right? ALERT, ALERT! I just found out that the Oregon Trail Rally will be racing this weekend and the routes are right off of Mt. Hood. How badass is that!

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