09 May 2011

Endweek...I mean, Everyday...

My aim was to (try and) do nothing over the weekend but as if that could ever happen I (we) ended up doing a million things. It all started Friday night with a huge grocery run to Winco, found a gas tank on Craig's list and filled that sucker up so we can grill again, to a dash to Ace Hardware and City Liquidators, tested out the grill with shrimp skewers and asparagus, to a full day on Sunday where I played a pretty mean game of indoor soccer to hanging out last night until I couldn't anymore and took off for my empty apartment to watch the movie Lost Boys: The Thirst. Yeah, yeah it was pretty much garbage but I'm a big fan of the original Lost Boys film. It was probably best that I was all by myself! Anyways, is it too soon of me to say I'm ready for the weekend already? Below are photos I took with my cell phone (crappy resolution but you get the gist of it). I fell in love with these flowers on this dogwood tree...so vibrant and pink! The last photo is one I took last night of the Nellist boys. Steven's brother is in town for the next month and we're going to show him all what the Great Northwest has to offer - Cabin time near Mt. Hood, trip down to Crater Lake and visit the lava fields near Dee Wright Observatory and we're hoping to visit Seattle and take him up the Space Needle. Oh and I've been so meaning to write about this, we've named all of our baby banana musa trees - they are Keith, Sara, Formby and Makayla.

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