04 May 2011

I found myself yelling P-T-F-C... P-T-F-C!!!!

The Portland Timbers lost last night to the San Jose Earthquakes in overtime via a corner kick not but 2 minutes before the end of the second half (pause here to take that one in). No U.S. Open Cup for us. O'well, at least we got our money’s worth. I’m now wishing I had bought season tickets. “For more than two hours, chippy play gave way to offensive creativity, as the ref blew the whistle 45 times and dished out eight yellow cards issued over the course of the rugged game.” I absolutely love watching live soccer and no less to watch a Major League soccer game in my hometown, the seats were super comfy for being $8 tickets, the sun was out and of course there's always a but, BUT I almost fell over when I asked 'the just right out-of-high school concession stand dude'

"what do you mean it costs $20.25 for 2 beers and popcorn! (and then in my dumbfounded state I said it again) You mean to tell me 2 beers and a popcorn costs $20.25? Are you for real man?"

Anyways, so when are they playing next? Let's GO!


steven said...

didn't you get a photo of the field? :P

natalie said...

happy now :p