05 May 2011


I like how the artist complied seconds of video footage into this short film. I say Well Done.

Okay, okay… so this is why I don’t keep up with the news – there are simply way too many opinions of bin laden’s death that I even care to know about. Of course, if you take the stance that the cat and mouse game is finally over and that we reflect on the importance of his death, then I may listen to you. I remember that day, working at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia and someone yelling to us all “something really bad is happening in New York”. Upon hearing that, I reacted just like everyone else and ran for the TVs in the break room. All of us in sheer silence staring at the TV as I witnessed the second plane hitting the tower. I remember saying “those buildings are going to crumble to the ground” and one of my officemates saying “it just can’t be, this can’t be happening”. I couldn’t handle what I was seeing so I went straight home and watched the rest of the news coverage with my roommate Amy and we just sat there is disbelief. I think the following sums up my thoughts of it all:

“Bin Laden was an angry man, whose hatred so overflowed his earthly vessel that it continues to sweep up lives around the world in a torrent of violence and death. His beliefs and rhetoric were not born over night. They were the products of decades, no centuries, of misunderstandings, misdeeds, and misconceptions by forces bigger than him. Tonight, the man may be dead, but the anger and fear that empowered his cause continue to thrive. This is the fight that lays ahead for us all.”

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