03 May 2011

Click here for Float on's re-opening! You have to probably like them on facebook, etc. in order to watch it. I'm so digging the guy playing the ukulele in this clip. I was there not but a few weekends ago and was reminded of one of the guys asking Steven and I after floating,

"so... what did you think of it all?"

"I'm not sure yet how to describe it," was my initial response and then you have Steven and that same guy,

"yeah, yeah, I noticed my right eye going blind on me and seeing images, like seeing them in red -- and yeah, yeah, that's what you're suppose to feel, your left and right brain are in sync, not something a first time floater would experience it takes a few times to get to that point, very cool man."

You know all along I'm sitting there thinking I just felt super relaxed and all.

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