04 March 2011

Tot ziens Photobooth Friday

Congrats to Hula Seventy who's blog I love to follow. Click here for her latest and greatest awesomeness. Here are a few of my own photobooth Friday shots - click here, here, here, here, here, here and here. All of this reminds me of the accomplishment that I made last year, click on Story by: Natalie El-Jourbagy Design by: Emily Sapp - Kitten Design.

I watched the movie 'the Proposal' last night and just loved it. Family and having a person to share your life with is what it's all about. Happy Friday ya'll.

It was another day at the office when I picked up the phone and the lady on the other end clamored on about, "what is that? eh, speak up because I hear something (it) young lady?" And I was like what exactly can I help you with? She went on to tell me that she could hear a Dutch accent in my voice. Oh good, I thought to myself, I'm not talking to a crazy person anymore. I then told her how I use to speak Dutch and would spend my summers in Holland with my grandparents. Funny how a five minute conversation with someone can stir up so much of my history. I got all nostalgic after getting off the phone with her and am happy knowing that a good amount of my childhood memories stem from all those summer months spent in Europe. Thanks Mom and Papa. xo

The bills have been paid and all is well in the world of Freckled. Girl. Talk. Got a busy day ahead of us.

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