12 November 2010

Ik heb het gevonden! I had one of the best nights' sleep EVER in a very, very long time last night! Laundry finished, stuffed our faces with House of Louie take-out (why does the won ton soup always smell kinda funny, hmmmm) and lots of kisses were all a part of my night too! I am off to the store to buy yarn today. For those of you who don't know me very well, I use to knit like there was no tomorrow about five years ago. I would even hold knitting parties or either attend them with a good bottle of wine in one hand and my bag of knitting supplies in the other. Knitty Nat is back!

Today's recommendation: Encourage someone

Coming up: Recorded It's Always Sunny and will watch it tonight. I'm also hoping to make our appointments at FloatOn for the weekend. ***FloatOn is booked solid until next weekend. Bummer.

Random photo: I took this photo back in June of this year. I was up in Seattle on a business trip. Bellevue Avenue is located in Capitol Hill, a densely populated neighborhood in Seattle. In less than 3 weeks we'll be up there again and on a mini-vacation this time around.


Natalie said...

Sleep is magic.

Glenys said...

I'm so glad you got a good sleep natty..finally!! Happy knitting!
PS I like scarves :)