11 November 2010

I joined the oh-so-popular online dooce.com community yesterday afternoon and just take a look at how fast my first question was answered? Click here which will take you to my twitter account and then click on my question about has anyone prepared a turducken? Don't you just love how I'm like click here and click there all the time. I'd like to think of this as me 'choosing your own adventure' for you as I instruct you on how to find something on the world wide web. I think I have control issues? Perhaps? Maybe just a little. hehe...

Today's recommendation: Please support local PDX designers at various pop-up stores that are here just in time for the holidays. Flurry (next to the banana republic store) is one of them and I'm about to check out the one next to Finnigan's on my lunch break.

Coming up: Just one week of uninterrupted sleep (still in desperate need of) and no more saying one thing and doing the exact opposite, like duh/hello/what are/were you thinking! Oh and is anyone else watching the tv series The Walking Dead? First season, third episode this Sunday.

5am this morning: I woke up abrubtly (story of my life) to a group of loud, angry men yelling at the top of their lungs. Wide awake amongst tousled sheets I got up and looked out the window to see a very heavy fog that loomed over the entire city. Seeing the fog blanket the city like that sent chills down my spine. I felt misplaced for a few seconds, like, where am I Toto?

Random thought of mine: Without truth or respect, there is nothing...

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