13 November 2010

A sickly, surreal and still day, heavy with mist and fog

{Photo taken from our balcony} This fog doesn't seem to want to go away. Eerie looking, if you ask me. We got all crazy and stupid last night. Good times, good times. I finally found a new lamp for our bedroom this afternoon. Steven took me to city liquidators of Portland and that place is where you go for good quality items at incredibly low prices. Just make sure you check what you buy before you leave because when I got home we had an entirely different lamp. &@#%! At least we have light in our bedroom again. Steven calls the lamp mishap a happy accident because I like the new lamp anyway.

Today's recommendation: Say no more often.

Coming up: Seattle trip for my birthday weekend. I have this desire to own another disco ball. We also found out that we're not in charge of the turkey, potatoes and stuffing this year. We'll be making sugared carrots, brussels sprouts and WHAT IS YOUR SUGGESTION/RECOMMENDATION for another Thanksgiving side dish.


Glenys said...

definitely carrot & turnip :)

steven said...

watch out otherwise the fog we get cha :P xo