15 November 2010

Come to the realization...

...that I'm no spring chicken anymore. I strained my back and well, and that is that. Ahhh, the smell of menthol on my back, the sudden muscle spasms and the realization that I need to be more careful are all coming into play right now.

Today's recommendation: Go visit a PDX food cart. I went to the E-San Thai Cuisine food cart on 10th and Alder for lunch today and mowed down on some pad kee mao.

Coming up: Skeins of yarn are dancing in my head and fingertips. I hope to have something to show you here soon.


Natalie said...

Sending virtual waves of healing warmth! And a sympathetic: *bummer.*

natalie said...

hehe... feeling the love. I just feel stupid at this point.

Glenys said...

that's no fun Natty- how did you do that?

natalie said...

lifting something i shouldn't have. :(

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Guess what I received in the mail from the bestest sibling ever? That's right: a chair sponsor in legal tender form.

Oh, and a brochure for little one to chew on. Thoughtful. No really, I read it out loud, and it is really nice. Go Paramount!


Appreciation Freckle

PS - Sorry you hurt your back. Be careful.

natalie said...

I put the brochure in there to hide the check. haha. I'm glad he nibbled on it good but yes, go Paramount. We had new photos made and tada, new brochure to show off. You're welcome eventhough I'm always super late with things.

The back is feeling ten times better.

Well... I want to see my name up now on the wall of bestest sibling ever. ;) xoxoxo Love you.