16 November 2010

I over think things. I know this about myself. I think its about time I turn that button OFF.

Today's recommendation: Check out Habibi on 10th and Morrison. They added on a new dining room and bar area. It looks great in there but I didn't enjoy the lamb shawarma sandwich this time around.

Coming up: A dry weekend full of mini-adventures. Visit M, C and baby G Sunday afternoon.

TV show recap: It's always sunny episode the gang gets a new member has to be my new all time favorite. When Frank yells out of the car "Tell them we pushed yoooouuuuu...." was absolutely classic. Anyone else love this show as much as I do?

In the blog: As you all know I'm a big fan of the blog dooce.com. Please click here and watch a video of her family having fun with a new game that's about to come out. I hope to create some memories of my own here soon with my family come January or February! xoxo

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