18 July 2007

a tall order to fill. what would you like me to take a photo of? comment please...hope this finds you well, my friends

my sister Jasmine and brother Rami in FOURS
andrea jenkins and her debut
in the Oregonian for
(sorry andrea, i had to post the article
eventhough you will write more about
it on Friday...)
i'm the worse at waiting for things. like a little girl,
once i stumble upon information
i must tell the world. NOW not LATER,
like the name of that hard to eat candy.
~me a year ago minus the additional freckle

my two sisters and the hubby in law on their RoadTrip 2007. i'm hoping, really hoping, that i'll get a postcard from you guys. all i asked for was a postcard from each state they passed thru. you think that would be easy for them but i'm sure my address got tossed somewhere between South Carolina and Virginia. i bet money on it! and we all know how well my betting skills are!!!!!!!! so far, i haven't received a phone call, an email, nothing -- except my own discovery of this photo on my sister's myspace photo album. G! i still love you guys but could you give your big sister a little love! i don't ask for a whole hella of alot~


natty said...

i also need help with a catchy blog title. natalie is just not cutting it. and i'm drawing a blank?

j said...

Freckle girl or Angel kisses, or Adventures in Bridgetown, Exploring Puddletown, Notes from The City of Roses. Ok maybe I'm not that helpful. But thats whata I got for now. Pictures of the water and bridges are my faves. Love them. Makes me long for my childhood.