10 September 2006

quickly now... mom and i went to the belmont fair on saturday. we enjoyed a cup of indian 500 mile chai and a fashion show put on by koipod. we found ourselves later on in the day at the saturday market practically famished. i thought since we waited already so long why not hit happy hour at the portland city grill. mom wasn't sure why i was so antsy about being the first ones up but she eventually figured out why - everyone wants to get a good seat. the views from up above the 30th floor were spectacular (i know, what else am i suppose to say?) the tip of mt. hood crept out on occassion through the rolling clouds. our happy hour splurge consisted of tomba tuna, an advocado stack, shoestring fries and lobster dragontails. at home, we lit up the candles and watched the movie, sideways. a good end to a great day. photos to be posted on monday entitled: the stiletto monster, big elephant little elephant, prosperity.

right now, our day is to walk through forest park. tot ziens!

oh yea, to all my peeps, whenever this week, nat needs help moving my mattress set, kitchen table, (2) couches and a tv stand & tv. just call to let me know when you're available.

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