11 September 2006

click [here] for my weekend photos. mom and i wandered through maybe 1/32 of wildwood trail on sunday. not realizing how much ground we had covered, a detour was made instinctively back to p-town via the road. as we drew closer to our first road tunnel the uncertainty of passing through it changed instantly as we came across a trail saving us from our first near death experience. after passing our second road tunnel and approaching civilization, the sign for cornwell road appeared out of the blue. on cornwell, i found the starting point to overton street - more like a staircase and then turns into a street. since we were SO off track, we ended up having a picnic at a park (6) blocks from my apartment. this weekend, i came across many findings of which equisetum is the name of 'that' plant (and a confrontation in the bookstore, my bad) and black mountain makes a great pinot noir. finally the macDaddy seal of answering my curiousity's sake and need for things to connect - snake grass equisetum is a naturally dried tall tubular grass. they are dark green with a pencil-size diameter, segmented and approximately 2 1/2 feet tall. you might recognize them by another common name, "horsetails".


Zone8 Gardener said...

FYI- You can take horsetail and it will help your hair and nails grow. Loads of Silica....
Pictures look great. I am curious where did you move to?
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a great time with your Mom!