08 September 2006

me and mom

i didn't know this but semaphore means to communicate with flags.

check out more photos at nat's flickr's. i found a vendor who took a photo that made my heart stop: check out the glacier pixie at mt. olympus - its not vertical. and i thought, wouldn't it be great to have disrupted the time and action represented by rice exhibit via a natmade rice angel. 'it all goes in it all gets mixed up and, very occasionally, it comes out as an idea that, with a bit of work, turns out to be not too bad at all.' - a grain of rice

September Pedicure Special at Tootsie’s

Hook yourself up with one of Tootsie’s luxurious spa pedicures, and bring a friend for free - for the entire month of September! Get a special 2-for-1 pampering for you and a friend in Tootsie’s lovely pedicure corner – with a front-row view of their adorable and affordable shoe selection. We dare you to leave here without a pair, especially after your toes get dolled up.

What: Buy One Pedicure, Bring a Friend for Free
When: through September
Where: Tootsie’s Shoe Salon, 820 NW 23rd Ave., PDX
Call: 503.222.0228


mm said...

Sounds lovely, however my biggest fear is if they take one look at my toes, they are going going to completely freak out, or maybe pass out!!

mm said...

Where was the vegetable market? What did you do with the "devil" peppers you bought?