29 March 2012

The new wake up call time: 5:30AM.

I found this illustration in a book entitled This is Portland, 13 Essays about the city you've heard you should like by Alexander Barrett. Excerpt out of it "When I asked him how many people from Ohio live in Portland, he said "I think about 90% of the population."Meet my skinny jeans, size 30R.Signs of spring are indeed out there!

My pups on a little side trip to Frog Lake. The building in the background is where I live. Whenever I take the pups out at night, I can hear the sounds coming from a family of frogs. You see that covered fence (kinda dark, I know), well I can't see it from my side of the street. Now that me, Toderrick and Bruce are on the other side of the fence, I think we have found where these frogs hang out at. But what do Toderrick and Bruce care about them frogs, in this shot, they are like mesmerized by a Canadian goose puddling around in that pool of frog-infested water! Ribbet, ribbet.
I was showing Steven some of the photos I snapped yesterday on my cell phone and he was like 'well that's just the back of your head silly?' I look at it and see that my hair is getting long again! I'm going for no bangs and long hair again look. Yeah, you know me, always changing it up on YA!
Yesterday afternoon I visited a colleague over at The Standard building. On top of this building is a weather beacon and a Portland landmark for more than 50 years. While I was waiting for my client in the lobby area they have these black and while trifold information packets on 'the History of the Weather Beacon.' Below is a photo of the 1950 weather indicator panel.
Bedtime is like 9:45PM these days. Sleep is something I treat like I've found treasure these days. The other night we were woken up to the horrible high pitch noise coming from fire alarms going off throughout the entire apartment complex. And this happened at 3AM.


skinnyjeanslover said...

Those jeans are awsome, I love those way better then the flares.
Good decision that you let your hair grow, it took me 2 years from where I am at, I put my hair now to the side of my left ear and roll it up in a kind of bun, nice and easy.
I am listening to Pandora to Spanish Guitar Music, nice and relaxing.
Spring is exploding here, people are mowing grass like crazy, i won't be starting till May.
Love those skinny jeans.......

natalie said...

hey skinnyjeanslover. i am wearing my hair back in a bun today myself. first time i've done that in quite a while. i went for short hair when my cheeks were chunky. now that i've lost some weight, i feel more comfortable wearing my hair up and growing it out longer. i TOO have pandora on... i've got it on a Kimbra station. i'm obsessed with her.

Glenys said...

Well I love your skinny jeans too!!