19 January 2012

It snowed the other day. Whoop-dee-do-dah you might say! Well it was our first day of snow and most likely last day as well. We watched it snow that evening and I took great comfort in the simplicity marked by it all. The next day was a completely different story. Misery fell upon us instantly. Turns out, even how hard I try to make slush sound inviting: it's not! I took some photos of the snow before the nightmare started and will post them on here tonight. On days like these I just want to stay at home curled under the covers snuggling up next to Steven.

Last year on this day I wrote, click here. Looking back...I'll take one day of slushyness over those first few months in 2011. My heart goes out to people that I hardly even know right now such as the woman behind http://www.dooce.com/ and to the free skier who just passed away, Sarah Burke.

I found another lovely blog. Maybe you'll share my enthusiasm. You can find her here.

P.S. I hit my brother up last night and it was so good talking to him, shooting the sh&t and acting all sister and brother like.

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