19 January 2011

dip & tap (maybe not those exact words)

I read on facebook somewhere "Everyone seems normal until you get to know them." Then I asked myself is facebook normal? You know that social network internet platform where I can dip into the social lives of friends and family and not have to be there in person. What defines being normal anyways? If we tap into it, we'll probably learn nothing from it. For kicks, I present to you a normal evening of mine..."you got us some more bread from Bread Stop? That stuff is soooooo good. I mean really good. I mean really, really, REALLY good." "O-K-A-Y, I get it, it's really that good," he says to me hoping for no further mention of it. Steven then took off to watch a soccer game and I watched enough TV to turn my brain into mush. I even thought I was going to die when I saw a commercial for pajama jeans. WTH? Ever since the flat panel TV entered our apartment, it's been really hard to keep that thing off. Oh, who am I kidding, I love television! I'm addicted to it just like I am to facebook. I blame being out of commission for the last 2 weeks for my onslaught of boredom. Anyways, the best part of my night was falling asleep and cuddling up next to my boyfriend. In the morning, I plan to sign up for a zipcard! It's been way too long since we've been without a car. We have been somewhat confined and another must is that we need to move soon because I'm tired of watching drug dealers and prostitutes walking like zombies back and forth on the streets below me. Not normal.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the South Park episode about homeless/zombies? You should watch it.


natalie said...

You watch South Park? Get out!