20 January 2011

the 20th already! I just got paid and I'm sure I'll go through my hard-earned money pretty fast. I have a crazy list of things to do as well:
  1. Make flyers for an event tonight. DONE.
  2. Get package for Steven. Stupid apartment manager out, yet again.
  3. Pay bills (bleh). DONE.
  4. Get a Zipcard. DONE.
  5. Mail check to Paul for camera. DONE (well got to mail it now, hehe)
  6. Take last antibotic pill. DONE.
  7. Remember to change out high heels for my lacrosse rain boots when going anywhere today. DONE.
  8. Attend an event tonight. ABOUT DONE.
  9. Plan a day trip with Julia to go snowboarding! SOON.

I know what a boring list but it is what I'll be up to today!

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