27 September 2011

There is always a story to tell.

A good friend of mine, Amy, who I've known since the fourth grade visited me from the ATL over the weekend. The last time I saw Amy was over two years ago. The last time we had a sleep over like this was over 22 years ago. The two of us have been through A LOT together. You know the usual dealings with ex-boyfriends, the crazies who made life unbearable, living under the same roof and what all goes along with trying to figure out what the heck are we suppose to be doing here on this planet. Needless to say, I'm excited to report that the last six years have rocked beyond our wildest dreams! We now know better, we understand when to say no to people and to distance ourselves when things become uncomfortable. I write about these things because the past can always haunt us and its better just to talk about it and get it out in the open. At least it makes me feel better knowing I'm living for myself and not in the footsteps of others anymore. Amy got to see me in my true element, working and living in downtown Portland, Oregon. She also got to meet Steven. Amy surprised the both of us by bringing along a cellphone size video camera. The entire trip was filmed and without further ado video snippets of our weekend trip captured on film... no, scratch that. Download will take 45 minutes!!!, well folks you're just going to have to wait that one out. I'll post the videos later on in the week. Oh yeah and the story to tell is that I accidently lost her video camera. That's right, I somehow, someway managed to lose a video camera that she just bought not but a day ago. We were out kayaking on the Willamette River and as I was pulling myself out of my kayak it must have fallen right out of my life jacket pocket and down to the bottom of the river. Can you imagine to my dismay when I was asked 'so can you hand me the video camera?' ....insert cricket sounds here... I confessed a few seconds later with 'it must haven't fallen out of my pocket!' and this was right after I took some badass footage of a National Geographic seaship too! And who wouldn't have loved to see Toddrick sitting up front on Steven's tandem kayak. I know these things happen but why to me? Not too worry, come hell or high water Amy got herself another one later that day and so there are more videos which I'll post up here when I have more than an hour of free time. The last time I saw Amy was 2 days ago and she was off to San Fran before heading back to the deep South. 45 freaking minutes later my ass, more like 2 hours

There was a third video... but it was longer than the above two and well, when I woke up this morning, the computer was on the fritz.

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