11 August 2011

Moving on up!

I absolutely cannot wait to move out of the ghetto. My neighborhood of Old town Chinatown is no longer livable. I've enjoyed the apartment click here, here and here but the last six months have been the worse with constant banging or every other minute the F word is being shouted out making it no longer "oh yeah, we live in the city we're going to hear sh&t like that" tolerable to now I'm saying the F word way more than I like. And everyone who lives in Portland, OR knows that most apartments don't have AC in them so you're forced to keep the windows open. F that, right! Even the PDC and grocery store owner of Uwajimaya recently decided against opening a store in this neighborhood. That in itself says quite a lot. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was actually listening to the demolition of an iconic bar and nightclub called Satyricon just last week. Read & watch here for a sample of the sh&t I've had to listen too. In its place they are going to put up a seven-story building of affordable apartments slated to be done by July 2012. I feel like Amy Winehouse singing that song they tried to make me go to rehab but I said "No, no, no!" I mean you want me to go through another couple of months long construction project. I already endured the MAX line construction back in 2007 and that was over three months of nonstop jackhammering action! I remember them even pounding away on a Sunday morning!!!!! I was in no mood for it and was out on my balcony giving them a piece of my mind! No, no, no! I won't be sticking around to hear it because we are moving! The other reason for moving is that it's time to step it up. I don't want to live any longer in an income-restricted (or referred to as affordable) building. Even though the location and moreso the rent were right up my alley I'm ready to walk amongst the land of apartment renters who just have to go through a simple job history and credit background check to be approved. I'm not trying to gripe here but it's pretty ridiculous when someone you simply rent from needs to know how much is in your 401K, oh and I'm not super happy about watching my money disappear the way it has. I digress. I'm all piss and vinegar right now because I haven't been sleeping well, I'm annoyed everytime I have to hear another F word that isn't mine and I'm more disappointed that its taken me away from taking photos. Add to the mix that I squared away a new place to live and figuring out Toddrick's little schedule has kept me too from blogging. I'm officially antsy with antipication today - that get rid of the last four years junk feeling to getting all situated in the new digs in a nicer neighborhood is actually finally about to happen! I think over the next few weeks I'm going to write more about the big move to the waterfront and the trials and tribulations that all go with that. T-minus 22 days and counting...

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