16 June 2011

Egg talk.

I snapped a photo of this flower right as I was passing by a house full of chickens and one lonesome rooster the other day. One of the chickens had gray and white feathers. She appeared to be the oddball out of the group. A few of my friends now own chickens, people blog about them all the time and now that we are house-sitting I was wondering how easy it would be to take care of them. I'm on the fence about it all. Sounds a little gross the upkeep of them but they produce eggs. I'm not a fan of eggs myself but Steven loves them. I still don't eat them to this day. Steven is always finding a way to trick me into eating something with fried egg in it. He's been successful only once. Back in 2008 when we were visiting Michigan he was like "hey honey, try this delicious breakfast sandwich. I promise you it doesn't have egg in it." I didn't think anything of it until he told me otherwise a few minutes into my bite. Ugh! So back to the owning chickens part. Maybe chickens isn't my thang because a. I barely am able to take care of myself (slightly exaggerated here of course) and b. I don't like eggs.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you probably shouldn't raise chickens if you don't like eggs. Great post! You don't even like egg yolks? They are the best! We may be getting a small mobile coop if a barter deal works out.


natalie said...

Yep, I hate HATE eggs. I will eat the yolk in a hard boiled egg but nothing more than that! Miss you little chicken snooper! xo