16 June 2011

Living on the edge ... of the city.

What I liked most about last night was that we were out in the burbs, in Tigard, taking care of a friend of ours house and dog. Being surrounded by more than two rooms that take up less than 750 sq.ft. of space is absolute luxury. Sitting at the kitchen bar this is how the night unraveled:

"Where's the lid to this pan? We are about to have us some potstickers!"

"Somewhere, just use this for now."

"How many cups of food do we give Madi?"

"I think it was 1 cup and half a can of this soft stuff."

"OMG, they have popcorn!"

"Let's finish watching Dracula 2000."

"There are two remotes here... they have netflix on AppleTV, how cool is that!"

"Why does Madi tug so hard like that?" (when we took her for a walk).

So this all got me to thinking... do we move into a house and live 10-15 minutes from downtown or do we continue to live smack downtown as we've been doing for the last five years. For now and up until this Sunday I'm going to play house, walk the dog and enjoy the quiet, the still of the neighborhood. I'm sure when both Steven and I are sitting on our sofa Sunday evening we'll be thankful yet again that we can call downtown, Portland, Oregon our home.

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