17 May 2011

Photo booth Tuesday (should be Friday but we made an exception)

1.normal 2. sad 3. crazy 4. random. What do you think? Did we nail our expressions or what? I give it a B plus for a good first try. Sorry babe for taking up so much of the left corner, hehe, I don't know what I was thinking! So I was going to just let this be but I got to thinking and well I'm not one to sugarcoat things: I pretty much like to share what's on my mind and right now I've got a bad case of the giggles just thinking about it all. The amount of energy that surrounds me when I'm at work, or at home or even doing the easiest of tasks as trying to even get myself home from work is on level red, 10, high! It's all go-go-go and when I think I have a moment to breath then comes in that crazy text or what have you "hey, I can't find something" or "are we signed up yet for soccer" to "where are you?" to "can you get me a room?" like a ridiculous 5 days before the arrival date - I need more time then that guys! The trip this weekend to the cabin was a great escape for me as was the little amount of time spent creating the above photo booth fun! Coming up this weekend...Seattle bound! Oh how I love photobooths and to travel. Both are so good for the soul. I'm starting to notice a lot of my father in me in my recent facial expressions. Below is a look of his and to the bottom right is Gareth's shoe.

The mirror outside of the booth has the sentence "You are beautiful" written on it. To all my readers, you are beautiful to me.

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Glenys said...

Love the way Steven is squashed between you 2!!!