20 April 2011

Wannabe timetraveler...

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday. I seriously was about to turn off all the alarms when I starfished into Steven and asked him "is it Saturday?" He was like "no, but O how I wish." I got up all disappointed and puttered around like I normally do trying to get the kitchen all tied up before taking a shower. It's my little morning ritual or perhaps a slight case of OCD kicking in, I can't figure out if its one or the other. I looked high and low for one last coffee filter maybe stashed away somewhere but to no avail and I thank whatever powers may be for forcing me into buying myself a cup of coffee. On this particular morning, I looked out onto downtown Portland and felt a great sense of accomplishment. I'm off to get my haircut at 11 (that's the new do), head over to the convention center for a pre-con at 3 and then meeting up with Steven for happy hour. Now what if, just what if, it were really Saturday, you'd find me sound asleep.

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