07 March 2011

Steven and I have our first indoor soccer game this Sunday. Cheers to a brand, new week and to me learning the game fast, I mean real fast. hehe! And this is completely out of the blue. I'd like to let my father know how silly and sorry I am for that one trip he took us on, the one where all my sister and I could do was fight with one another. haha... then I jump to this crazy vivid moment when the announcer said we won 1st place at the science olympiad match and that we were going to DOVER, Delaware... remember Papa when we just crazily hugged one another. Or I think of when Jehan and I ate watermelon in front of our parents like animals. I still have that scar on my inside part of my elbow when I was being chased by Jehan on all fours and I scratched the heck out of my arm as I tried to scurry away from her. Anywoo... thinking of you guys~


Glenys said...

So how did your soccer game go today?? Go Nat Go!!

natalie said...

It went amazingly well. In fact, so well that I (we) signed up to be on a second team. The underdogs and the phoenix are the name of our teams. hehe... I had so much fun. Hard to believe that the Nat can actually play soccer. ;) xox