09 March 2011

5 years seems so long ago...

If you hadn't noticed already I've been all thankful as of late going back through old photos and blog entries. I came across this photo and it made me think of just how much I'm all about hey, let's all get in a picture together and that's when my go go gadget arm appears... Makes me laugh how in most close up photos I've got that arm extended just like a bird's wing in flight! haha! We got M and S here... my girls who were there from the very beginning. Portland, you have been SO good to me. xo Spring is almost here...


Anonymous said...

It's fun to think about where we were five years ago and where we'll be five years from now. What is your forecast?

I'd like to think that I'll either have an addition to my house or maybe be building a new house? At least another bathroom? I hope to get serious about writing. Maybe be teaching more piano lessons . . . hmm. I'm not sure. It's good to set goals, so maybe I should apply myself more in that regards.

Looks like Spring is right around the corner. We're going out on the town today, and there I have two piano lessons -- one at three and one at six. I have four students total, and then I tutor a girl one night a week.

It's a funny new life.


natalie said...

It is pretty neat. You're now a mom, piano teacher and have your own house. Me, I moved to a different city, made a new life here, live downtown, zipcar member, found the love of my life and discovered that I love to take photos. My goals for the next 5 years are:

1. to get married
2. to have a baby
3. to open up a place where I can showcase my photos. More of a creative place.
4. travel more with Steven
5. end up moving in the next 6 months and buying a house by the end of 2 years or so.
6. i've got it pretty good here at the Paramount.
7. one last thing - to never doubt myself again.

That is the plan. xo