22 February 2011


  1. In our household we still sick as dogs. Please Mr. Germs just leave us alone.
  2. My brother blogs. Check it out here.
  3. As a kid I use to love building play forts with my sister Jehan. We also loved (absolutely were crazy about) closing ourselves off in the bedroom hallway, turning the lights off to play in the dark.
  4. I just might have ADD. Because I just can't stay still for very long. My mind is always on the go, always thinking and always in need of a change in what I was doing 5 seconds ago (yes, I exaggerate - it's probably more like 5 minutes). Not sure where this comes from? Not sure if I just get bored super easily but when I'm ready to chill out I can stare at the wall for hours on end (again, I exaggerate - let's say instead of a wall, I stare at the TV or maybe even turn the pages of a book on a good day). What gives?
  5. I finally did it. I downgraded my Comcast package. From $125.00 a month to $49.00. I feel so much better.
  6. So what's on your mind?

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